Have you thought about selling your home in Palm Beach County?  Perhaps you curious when the best time to sell your house is? Or when is the best time to reach the most buyers in YOUR market? And what time of year is it easiest to sell?

Jersey Raiders Jersey Jersey Raiders Oakland Oakland Raiders Jersey Oakland Raiders In this latest post, we will help you figure out when it’s the best time to sell your house in Palm Beach and anywhere else in South Florida.

The Best Time to Sell Your Home in Palm Beach County

Jersey Raiders Jersey Jersey Raiders Oakland Oakland Raiders Jersey Oakland Raiders Jersey Raiders Jersey Jersey Raiders Oakland Oakland Raiders Jersey Oakland Raiders Is there a time of year or season that is better to sell in than the others?

I’m sure you’re aware that one of the best times to sell a home is in the spring and summer. The school year is about to end and people don’t want to have to relocate their kids during the school year.  That’s why relocating during this time period makes the most sense and is the most realistic.  Plus the warm weather just brings more people out.  The fact is that more people are buying when it’s warm, so the pool of prospective buyers will be at its heigh during this months! The spring market actually starts in February.  Start putting together a game plan around that time and look to get your home on the market by March 1st.

Of course, if you are selling a home you own that is located in a warmer climate like here in South Florida, then the colder weather doesn’t really affect things that much.  Plus in South Florida you have a lot snow birds so putting your home on the market early in the Winter months could be very beneficial to getting your home sold fast and for top dollar.

Are you ready to sell your Palm Beach County Home?

You need to first ask yourself if you are financially ready to sell. There are costs associated with selling your home such as repairs, clean-up and making it look nice. When you work with Florida Cash Homebuyers you won’t have to worry about any of those things.  Do you need to move by a certain date? Or be able to get another mortgage for a new house? If so, this can add pressure which can stress you out and sometimes make you sell for less than you were planning on.

Jersey Raiders Jersey Jersey Raiders Oakland Oakland Raiders Jersey Oakland Raiders Are you and your family emotionally ready? If the move isn’t necessary, make sure it’s really the best time to go. Are your kids almost out of school? Are you certain you want to leave your friends, job, and community? Make sure you are making the right choice before making such an impactful decision for your family.

What the stats say:

Nationwide, homes listed between May 1 and May 15 sold around nine days faster and for nearly 1% more than the average listing, according to Zillow. (Your real estate agent may have different advice based on local market trends.)

As far as the day of the week, listing on a Saturday is favorable as that is when most people have the time to sit down and peruse listings. And since listings often appear with the newest ones first, getting yours at the top of the list will help you to get more views. Listing on a Friday is the 2nd best way to go statistically!

In some parts of the country, houses are selling 1-3% higher in the month of May. Do your homework and research annual housing trends for your particular neighborhood! If you have questions, [company] is happy to help you review historical trends!

Being Different Can Be Beneficial

While summer is preferred by many people, there is something to be said about not doing what everyone else is doing. Selling in the offseason can have its perks as well. Your pool of buyers might be smaller, but the pool of available homes will be as well. This is your chance to make your home stand out from the one across the street. Less competition on the market, might mean a bigger reward for you!

Are you interested in selling your Palm Beach County home? If so, we can help you sell your house fast! Contact us now or give our team a call! We are ready to answer all your questions so you can sell your Palm Beach County home fast!